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[Python] Sending emails with python from the command line

Posted by aspersieman on 2013-01-18

A short while ago I needed an easy command line driven way to send emails. I have a pretty cool rsync backup script and wanted a way to send emails if it encountered errors or if it had finished backing up all my files. Additionally I wanted it to send an attached log file so I can see what happened.

After some searching I managed to find some examples. I did some refining and tinkering that produced something usable.

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[Games] How to get Bastion from the Humble Indie Bundle 5 working on Optimus cards with Bumblebee on Ubuntu 12.04

Posted by aspersieman on 2012-06-04

If you've not heard about the latest Humble Indie Bundle 5 you must have been living under a rock. This is certainly the best Humble Bundle yet.

All the games are super awesome but my favorite is Bastion, a fantastic and super fun game. It's definitely become one of my favorite all time games.

Unfortunately after paying more than the average for the bundle and claiming the games on the Ubuntu Software Centre and installing the games I realized that Bastion didn't work. All the other games worked fantastically and I was very impressed at the developers work to make this so easy, but I really wanted to play Bastion.

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[Tip] Fix "Could not open display" errors when running some games using Bumblebee

Posted by aspersieman on 2012-05-14

If you are getting some weird errors when running games that complain about not being able to open the display I have a work around that might help.

A recent update to Bumblebee caused some weird changes. I could for example play the game Regnum without any problems by running the command, as you normally would:

optimus /path/to/the/install/directory/rolauncher

After the latest update to the Bumblebee package, however, I got the error about it not being able to find the display.

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Tags: linux,ubuntu,12.04,nvidia,bumblebee,tip
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[How To] Add Shortcuts To Libre Office Writer To Increase/Decrease The Current Font Size

Posted by aspersieman on 2012-05-06

A cool feature in Microsoft Office Word is that you can increase or decrease the font size using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+]. MS Office Word also has a additional shortcut buttons that increase or decrease the font size with a single click. I have always missed this in Libre Office Writer (or when it used to be Open Office). That is - until recently.

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How to get hibernate working on Ubuntu 12.04 [Ubuntu]

Posted by aspersieman on 2012-05-06

In Ubuntu 12.04 one cannot set your power settings to hibernate if the power is critically low - unless you read on.
In Ubuntu 12.04 one cannot set your power settings to hibernate if the power is critically low - unless you read on.

Even though power and battery settings have been greatly improved in the latest Ubuntu, it is still likely that laptop users' batteries might run out. The expected default behavior I would expect is that the laptop automatically suspends to disk or hibernates when the battery power becomes critically low.

Unfortunately what happens in reality (at least on my install of Ubuntu 12.04) is that when it reaches a critically low battery level it simply shuts down. This is not what I want.

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Tags: suspend, power, 12.04, hibernate, battery, ubuntu
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